Dr. Goren Gordon

Fulbright sends Israeli researchers to the best institutions, recruits future leaders and builds bridges between Israel and the U.S. Haaretz takes stock of how Fulbright fellows have played a significant role in Israel's scholarly and scientific achievements. Read the article HERE.

Photo taken from Haaretz article.



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Fulbright Israel offers NIS 1 million in seed money to an Israeli higher-education or research institution, an “incubator for research and public discourse,” to strengthen ties between the U.S. and Israel through collaborative research and shared knowledge. Fulbright Executive Director, Dr. Anat Lapidot-Firilla, tells the JPost about the new initiative. Read the article HERE.




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Fulbright Israel has teamed up with the Volcani Center to offer a post-doctoral research position in agriculture. Read the full Jerusalem Post article here:…


Ezra Bernstein

2016 U.S. Postgraduate fellow at Tel Aviv University, Ezra Bernstein, featured in Ha'artez about his Fulbright experience in Israel. Read the article HERE.

Scott Turow

American lawyer and bestselling author of legal thrillers, Scott Turow, is interviewed by Israel Hayom on the occasion of his visit to Israel as a guest of the Fulbright Foundation to mark its 60-year anniversary. Read the full interview HERE

Scott Turow

Bestselling American author Scott Turow visits Israel to mark the 60th anniversary of the Fulbright scholarship program in Israel. The father of the ‘legal drama’ genre discusses crime, America’s future, and his effort to get a ‘sense of society’ on his trip here. Read the article HERE.


Shlomo Mehari

"A beacon of hope"- the inspiring story of Ethiopia- born Shlomo Mehari, a 35-year-old Fulbright Postdoc scholar in Electrical Engineering, heading to the University of California- Santa Barbara, to join the Nobel laureate Professor Shuji Nakamura’s research team. Read the story HERE

Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

The Jewish Voice spotlights Fulbright's unique 60th Anniversary Exhibition, "Beautiful Knowledge," which fuses the past and future through science and art, shedding light on the scholarly contributions of Israeli Fulbright alumni. The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute hosted the exhibition from July 1-11, 2016. Read the article HERE.

Professor Naomi Chesler

Professor Naomi Chesler, Fulbright Senior Scholar in biomedical engineering from the University of Wisconsin currently at Tel Aviv University is spotlighted in Haaretz for her invention of the "Stepper." A device which shows your heart at work while undergoing an MRI, this  innovation allows patients to engage in exercise while being scanned, enabling doctors to detect heart trouble sooner and more efficiently than has been possible so far. Read the article HERE.

Going the Distance article

Dr. Andrew Pilecki, a Fulbright post-doctoral researcher at the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology, IDC Herzliya, contributes to a JPost Opinion article about prejudice, the limitations of contact models and ways to motivate individuals to work toward the mutual interest of both Israelis and Palestinians. Read the article HERE