Fulbright Alumni Association of Israel (FAAI)

The Fulbright Program highly values its alumni, their significant contribution to Israeli society and their commitment to investing in the country's future. With this in mind, the Alumni Association was established, creating a vibrant, contributing community of Fulbright Alumni members.

Fulbright alumni hold key positions in all sectors of Israeli academy, economy and society. They serve as mentors to their colleagues in starting new initiatives and helping to develop their careers. Therefore, we strive to develop this unique cadre of academics and professionals by fostering networking opportunities among Alumni members and between them and various academic circles, government agencies, NGOs and industries.

Fulbrighters often refer to their grant period as a life-changing experience. Continue this by joining the alumni association and stay involved with our Fulbright community. All Fulbright Israel alumni are welcome to join the alumni association - and those who are not alumni may join the association as supporting members.

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