Partner and Sponsor Opportunities

Funding, Partners, and Sponsorship

Fulbright Israel is jointly funded by the United States and Israeli governments as well as through partnerships with public and private sector organizations. The support of these partners allows us to offer more to Israeli students and scholars wishing to study in the United States and to Americans who choose to better know Israeli society and to benefit from Israeli achievements by coming to Israel. Fulbright Israel offers the opportunity to invest in Israel’s future leaders. We welcome partnerships with organizations, corporate entities, individuals and universities in sponsoring scholars, programs and events.

We invite you to consider becoming a Fulbright partner and help us offer more outstanding Israelis and Americans the opportunity to receive one of the world’s most prestigious awards. If you are interested in sponsoring a student or a scholar or wish to receive more details about partnership opportunities, please contact Esti Sherbelis, Office Manager of Fulbright Israel at [email protected]


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