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2015 US Senior Scholar Evan Morris

Research team leader Professor Evan Morris, senior research fellow of the Fulbright program , staying at Hadassah Hospital in order to expand his research

"60,000 Shekels- and You Have an Apartment"- Oped YNet article by Postdoc Alumna, Professor Yifat Bitton

Professor Yifat Bitton (Fulbright postdoc, Harvard, Law, '04) is an Associate Professor at the College of Management's Stricks School of Law and the Co-Founder and Head of "Tmura- The Clinical Center for Advancing Equality." 

Read her full Yediot Aharonot article here (in Hebrew from Nov. 25th, 2017):,7340,L-5047801,00.html




2015 Israeli Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Lea David

Opinion piece by 2015 Israeli Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Lea David

An article by post-doctoral grantee Dr. Lea David on the Genocide in Srebrenica

Professor David Mitchell, Senior Fulbright Fellow

2014-2015 US Senior Fellow Professor David Mitchell

An article based on an interview with Professor David Mitchell, Senior Fellow, Fulbright Program 2014-2015 has been published in Scientific American:  Scientific American Israel Spotlight, Why Does the Unconscious Have the Memory of an Elephant? Published in the August 2015 issue. (Link).  The article was published based on an interview with Professor Mitchell and  Dorit Parnas who writes and edits the magazine .  The interview took place on June 4, 2015.

2014 US Post-doctoral Scholar Beth Schoen

2014 US Post-doctoral Scholar Beth Schoen

Dr. Beth Schoen, an American grantee currently  in Israel,  is  conducting research on cancer.  Information about her research in the following links:

A new system that will enable medication to target the cancer growth  - Scientific American Israel.

A new system that will enable medication to target the cancer growth.  HaYadan.

US Fulbright Post-doctoral Scholar Dr. Eli Cook published on The Jerusalem post website

Dr. Eli Cook has recently published an article titled:" The Problem with Productivity."  The article was published on The Jerusalem post website.

Dr. Cook, who was a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow at the Universityof Haifa in 2014, is an historian of American capitalism. In his article he explains why the claim that productivity will automatically lead to higher standards of living is misleading.

US Fulbright Scholar Dr. Joseph Ringel published on NRG and KolHazman

Dr. Joseph Ringel's research on the Shas school system and Sephardic yeshivot highlights the variety of expressions of Sephardic identity in Israel, the strategies various Shas schools use to present conflicting opinions on Sephardic identity, and the existence of Sephardic educational voices outside of Shas who reject Shas' message. By showcasing how the ideas of rabbinic elites are passed down to the next generation of students, Dr.