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Fulbright Awards For Israelis

I am not able to be present at the interview. Can I be interviewed on the telephone and will my application still be considered?

No. Applicants are required to be present at the interview.

Who serves on the selection panel?

The selection panel is comprised of academic reviewers.

I have not been accepted at an American university yet. Should I still apply for the post-doctoral fellowship?

Yes. Most applicants have not been accepted at universities at the time of application. If you are interviewed and are successful, you will be offered an award on condition that you are accepted at an accredited institution in the United States.

I have been awarded another grant(s) to study/conduct research in the United States. Am I eligible to apply for a Fulbright award?

Yes, recipients of other grants are eligible for Fulbright awards. Applicants, however, are encouraged to check with their U.S. universities/institutions/or other grant sources to ascertain if the Fulbright award will be deducted from their funding.

May my spouse apply for a Fulbright grant at the same time that I apply?


Will I be at a disadvantage if I have studied previously in the United States?

Yes. While applicants who have had a previous U.S. experience may receive awards, preference will be given to applicants without such experience.

Can I apply for more than one Fulbright award category?

Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements of each of the programs to which you apply. However, you may receive only one Fulbright Fellowship at any given point in time.

I am already enrolled in a program in the U.S. May I apply for a Fulbright award to complete my program?

No. Fulbright awards are granted to applicants who have not commenced their programs in the U.S.

I am a qualified medical doctor. May I apply for the post-doctoral program?

Yes, if you intend to carry out research in the United States, which will not involve you in clinical contact with patients.  Post-doctoral Fellowships are not available to support clinical internships.

What grades are required to meet the criteria of the Fulbright award?

Most successful candidates are normally in the top tier o tier respective classes and fields.  In the post-doctoral program, no minimum grade point average is fixed by the Foundation.  However, there are many applicants for each fellowship available, and thus candidates who do not have high averages may be at a disadvantage.