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06 Nov
Fulbright Alumnus Sheikh Ghassan Manasra Honored by Temple University
November 6, 2014 -
02:00 to 03:00
- Tel Aviv, USIEF Office

Sheikh Ghassan Manasra (Fulbright Interfaith Community Action Program, ’08) was awarded the 2014 Outstanding Leader in Interreligious Dialogue Award from Temple University in a ceremony held at the USIEF’s office. The renowned Dialogue Institute at Temple University honored Sufi Sheikh Manasra with this prize, which recognizes outstanding individuals engaged in interreligious dialogue in areas where it is resisted and often under significant risk. Manasra is the director of Anwar il-Salaam, “Lights of Peace,” also known as the Islamic Cultural Center, a Nazareth-based NGO dedicated to spreading the message of a tolerant, moderate Islam within the Muslim world, and interreligious dialogue within Israel, the West Bank, and the region. See the video of the event: